Manna is immature cannabis seed

The Tin Whistle

Tissot_The_Gathering_of_the_Manna_(color)There’s a long passage in Exodus explaining how Moses made it through forty days in the desert while on the edge of starvation. Through the power of the Lord, a new food was delivered magically to Moses called manna.

The descriptions of this food are poetic and symbolic and somewhat contradictory. Apparently, manna was all things to all people, and tasted like honey to kids, and meat to adults, and bread to the elderly. Terrence McKenna was the first to theorize manna was a mushroom, something not found in abundance in the desert, and also something that probably would not have sustained a large tribe for 40 days.

However, there was a plant that might have been flourishing in river beds and every oasis along the route Moses was traveling, and that would have been cannabis, which had been carried by Sakas who introduced the horse to Egypt, India and…

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