Moving Mt Status Reports to WordPress

I have decided to move all my status reports from Facebook to WordPress as most people will not want to bother with having to join WordPress to see my daily blogs and reports of my daily activities.

Since I have made very few posts on WordPress, I find this will be an excellent place to post my most private thoughts and activities and hopefully will allow myself some control and to overcome trolls and trolling on my Facebook page as I am experiencing lately.

Today, Sunday, June 7, 2015, I will begin barre training with Pure Barre Clearwater and I am really excited to get started in learning more about working on my own personal barre here at home. My reasoning for choosing barre along with my usual morning walks is that this type of low impact exercise will help me build strength, stretched my muscles that have become atrophied since my cancer two years ago, and it will tighten and firm my muscles to flatten the common belly fat that comes with diabetes. I’ve only known for a week that I have had diabetes for some time now. I am insulin dependent and have to maintain a level of dieting that only allows low carbohydrates in only 15gms per meal. I have been doing well over my first week of knowing and have managed to lower my blood sugar levels and brought them down from the high 400’s down to the mid and lower 200’s. I will see my doctor tomorrow afternoon, begin a diabetes class to help me better understand my new diagnosis, see an ophthalmologist, a podiatrist and a nutritionist on a regular basis. It is already obvious to me that my blood sugar “highs” have effected  my vision. I cannot look down at a medication bottle and read the labels anymore so my nearsighted vision has dramatically weakened over the past 2 weeks, plus I am sure my farsighted vision must have suffered as well in some way. I am supposed to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist within 3 weeks of my diagnosis so I suppose I will need to see one within the next two weeks. I have a lot of questions concerning my eyesight, especially whether or not I am able to have Lasix surgery done on my eyes. I, also, will question my ability to be able to get tattoo’s now that I have developed diabetes because, I was planning on getting several tattoos to cover up surgery and self harm scars on my wrists, legs and abdomen.

I am still upset and discouraged as I have tried and tried to correct and have asked forgiveness for my selfish actions towards Jeremy over the past months but, he is not a forgiving person and probably thinks I am out simply to make him miserable, but when I contact the VERY YOUNG girls he has been bedding down lately with his true nature of deceit and using of people for his own benefit  plus, his ways of cheating with other women when he has made a commitment to one woman known to these young girls so that they have the truth in hand and can make their own decisions with the whole truth available to them on whether or not their time and commitment is worth living and sleeping with a man that cheats sexually against their commitments. This is the behavior I have experienced and observed in him over the last 20+ years and I believe these girls need to know the truth before they have been hoodwinked into a false committed relationship. There’s my reason for posting about him; I want all women to be aware of his true behavior before they become deeply involved and end up getting themselves hurt like the way I was so badly hurt, as well as the pain my children suffered when he tossed all of us to the proverbial curb.

If you are a person from Facebook, welcome to my blog and feel welcomed to make comments and share your thoughts. Maybe even start your own blog here and make sure you let me know you have a blog here so that I can follow you, as well. I am off to dress and get ready for my first barre class and then to plan my walk for this evening. Hope all of you have a most blessed Sunday and Sabbath. ~ Lee Ann


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