Concrete Floor Pneumonia

About the end of August I came down with a nasty case of bronchitis. Went to the doctor, as most sane people would do, got antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine so I could, at least, sleep at night. I went through the whole ten day course of antibiotics and nothing had changed with my bronchitis. I was still coughing my lungs up and having trouble breathing so, I dropped by the doctor’s office to make a follow up appointment but, both doctors were out of the country the entire week. I was advised by the office staff to just go to the emergency room and see the physician there. Later in the day my youngest son took me to the local emergency room, by which time I had gotten a lot worse and taking in air into my lungs was like breathing in water. I got angry at my son in the emergency room and crawled out of the end of the gurney and ended up crushing my skull into the emergency room concrete floor. After rearranging my own skull, I was taken for a CT Scan and then, a chest X-Ray. That’s when I was diagnosed with pneumonia and admitted to the hospital. Following a breathing treatment and more antibiotics being hung on my IV, I was taken in for a STAT MRI to see if I had done any major damage to my brain from the fall off the gurney and from that point I do not remember much at all until 3 or 4 days later. I just know I was serious sick and couldn’t do much of anything but sleep and eat at mealtimes and when I needed my balance out my blood sugar. There were respiratory therapy people in and out every four hours to give me breathing treatments and eventually by Sunday I was breathing pretty clearly and feeling much better. That was until the ignorant respiratory therapist came into my room and told me that I would have a heart attack if I didn’t use the nasal canulla  instead of the mask. This is when things got very ugly for me. I did not want to have a heart attack. But, using a nasal canulla on me causes vestibular migraines that make me violently ill and hospitalize me for 3 days, at least. But, the jerk scared me with the heart attack diagnosis, which he had no authority to say or demand on me, and I agreed to the nasal canulla. Bad mistake. I wore it just a few hours because, my doctor came in and released me to go home but, I had laid there for several hours with a nasal canulla in my nose. I was feeling well as far as pneumonia was concerned but, the TBI and I had that creepy before vestibular migraine aura going on with tinnitus, light-headedness, and visual  miscues.

I went ahead and came home to my own bed and slept in a vertical position because the room was starting to spin some when I laid flat. All I could think of and feel was the coldness in the vestibular area of my brain. By 3AM Monday morning, I was in a major vertigo experience and had to call 911 to take me back to the hospital. As they were putting me in the ambulance the violent vomiting that comes with vestibular migraines started and the pain in my eyes was unbearable. Everything was spinning and any movement of the ambulance caused upheavals in my gut. I puked all the way to the hospital. My O2 levels were starting to drop, as well, so I was trying to correct my breathing patterns while trying to maintain a sense of *not* falling and the chair being on the ceiling, the window where the door is supposed to be and my sister was out in the hallway even though standing directly by my bed. It’s like falling down a sickening rabbit hole. I was re-admitted to the hospital and spent the entire day Tuesday, moaning in pain and nausea from fear of the room moving and everything in it rearranging themselves into different places. It sends your anxiety disorder into overdrive. Xanax that would naturally knock an adult out like a light is like a sugar pill placebo your angst is so twisted and tangled. It took me two more days to pull out of that migraine caused by that stupid nasal canulla. I have since been placed on Topomax by a neurologist to prevent the vestibular migraines from even happening again. Topomax and 500 mg of magnesium.

There’s quite a lot I don’t remember during my days while in the hospital but, I guess that means that I really needed to be there getting the correct medications and treatments. When I finally was home for good; I still had a huge lump on the back of my head and a ridge on the occipital lobe of my skull for a couple of weeks after. I’m still sort of recovering because, I don’t have a lot of my strength back and I’m still needing extra sleep. Word to the wise: Don’t try to crawl off emergency room gurney’s, if so, you will receive a traumatic brain injury. TBI’s are no fun. They hurt a lot and you for get a whole lot. Stay on the gurney.


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